Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How often should I get my piano tuned?

A: For household pianos, it is recommended to get your piano tuned every
    3-4 months, depending on the environment of your home.
    For concert pianos, they MUST be tuned right before each performance.     After each moving, you should also get your piano tuned as moving might
    cause serious displacement of parts inside the piano making the instrument
    out of tune.        

Q: Is there a standard pitch for tuning a piano?

A: In general, A above Middle C at 440Hz (Concert Pitch) is the most
    commonly used standard pitch. However, there are also other standard
    pitches used for different countries or music type of music:
    A440Hz - UK, US
    A442Hz/ A443Hz - EU
    A415Hz - Modern Baroque Pitch
    A466Hz - Chorton Pitch (Church Music)
    A432Hz - Classical Pitch

Q: What should I used to clean my piano with?

A: General: High quality cleaning cloth would just be good enough to help
    you to get rid of dust or light grease marks or stains on piano surface.
    Keys: Use a damp cloth slightly soaked with mild detergent is good enough
    to clean the piano keytop surface.
    Wooden Case (Non-Glossy Finish): Wood polish or cleaner are prefered to
    clean this kind of piano surface.
    Glossy Finished Case: Piano Polish should be used to clean glossy finish.
    This would help in maintaining the shine on piano surface.