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Welcome to the official website of Padua Piano Technology Workshop Limited.  We're a team of very experienced piano technicians who offer piano servicing to all piano lovers.  With nearly 20 years of experience in the piano industry, we can guarantee you with the best professional piano servicing experience that you have ever had. 

Padua's passion is to make every piano play and sound its best.  Apart from tuning, pianos do require periodical servicing, depending of the use of each piano. We offer services in the following areas:

  • tuning
  • tone regulation (voicing)
  • restringing
  • renovation, rebuilding
  • transportation
  • buying and selling used European and Japanese pianos

**Latest News**    

Upright Piano/ Grand Piano/ Harpsichord Rental Service is now available.

Day, evening and weekend appointments are available. Give us a call at 2345-7950 or email us today to make an appointment.




  • 調音
  • 聲調調整
  • 更換弦線
  • 翻新、重組
  • 運送
  • 買賣日本歐洲進口二手鋼琴


    現新增 直身鋼琴,三角琴,古鍵琴之租用服務

 歡迎電郵,來電 2345-7950 查詢或預約,日間、晚間及週末均可安排。